Monday, 29 February 2016

How You Can Help after Cyclone Winston

Soon after Tropical Cyclone Winston struck Fiji, the Vinaka Fiji team began seeking assistance to help the villages in the Yasawa Islands. Vinaka Fiji's Operations Manager, Elle Nimacere, is calling out to people with building skills who can help rebuild these communities. Also required are water purifiers, mosquitoe outdoor spray tanks with chemicals, food crop seedlings, school bags, shoes, books, basic food items, cooking equipments, small solar lamps, clothes and bedding. Together we can rebuild these communities.

Photo: Richard Moore/Moore Media Services

Peter Duncan emphasised that the Yasawa villages, even without the devastation caused by a cyclone, are very pared back communities relying mostly on fishing and root crops. 

"Once their buildings are gone, there are hundreds of people that don’t have access to adequate shelter, fresh water is limited and obviously the food supply chain has also been disrupted. These are the basic things that we are trying to address at the moment through Vinaka Fiji." 

Vinaka Fiji needs your help, particularly with donations and building skills, to help these remote communities overcome the devastation and rebuild their homes, schools, villages and lives. 

In just a week since Vinaka Fiji launched its cyclone relief fund generous people have given $16,269.00. More, much more, is needed. 

If you would like to help make a difference please visit

All funds raised will be spent directly in assisting the villages in the Yasawas to recover as Vinaka Fiji staff and administration costs are covered by South Seas Cruises Limited.

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